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The Edilkamin apps allow you to manage your pellet heating system wherever you are.

The Edilkamin applications allow for managing all the basic functions of a pellet-burning product using a smartphone or tablet, either at home or from any location, provided that a data connection system is available.

This is what you can do remotely:

• Switch your pellet heating system (stove, boiler stove, fireplace, thermo-fireplace, boiler or pellet insert) on and off
• Set the operating power
• Know the room temperature
• Programme the daily and weekly heating schedule
• Estimate the level of pellets in the tank (if loaded and set correctly) (WiFire only)
• Set the room temperature (air-based models) or radiator temperature (water-based models)
• Select between manual or automatic operation (WiFire only)

Download the flyer

Purchase the Wi-Fi module and immediately download your app.
(check the application to be downloaded on the technical sheet of the purchased product)

Frame your QR code to download the application directly to your smartphone.

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Edilkamin WiFire

Edilkamin appFire

Edilkamin SMS

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