Gas fireplace

EK 50 L-M


Gas fireplace with ceramic glass resistant to high temperatures.


• Remote control with LCD display to adjust the room temperature and flame intensity. It allows you to manage the functions manually or to set the day/night timer.

• Minimum maintenance: the fireplace with pebbles or ceramic logs* and the glass front all remain clean.

• Fuel always available: with gas, you do not need to “stock up”.

• No waiting time: all you need to do is push a button and the flame is instant.


• Combustion air is taken from outside the home, so it does not impair the quality of air inside (installation type C11 or C31).

• The gas fireplace is also suitable for use in the bedroom (please refer to your own Country Laws).


L = Gas model LPG

M = Natural gas model

* optional

Technical data  
width cm 59,5
depth cm 41
height cm 145
visible flame W x H cm 44x99
max/min heat capacity kW 8,3/3,3
nominal/reduced heat output Pn kW 6,4/2,6
yield % 77,3
consumption G20 Nom./Red. (M) m³/h 0,878/0,349
consumption G31 Nom./Red. (L) Kg/h 0,654/0,256
efficiency class 2
NOx class 4
exhaust type C11 - C31
STANDARD exhaust pipe diameter cm 15
total weight Kg 76,5

Gas fireplace

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