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Pellet stove with original "wave" design that powers both radiator (high temperature) and under-floor (low temperature) heating systems.
Produces hot air (can be deactivated) to heat the room where it is installed.

• Innovative technology: The Leonardo System detects the main parameters of combustion (type of pellet, atmospheric conditions, chimney flue conditions) to guarantee optimal operation
• Built-in kit with high-efficiency circulator, closed expansion tank and safety valve
• 230 m3/h fan (figures for free outlet at max. power)
• Rear smoke output
• Remote control

• Possibility to produce domestic hot water using appropriate accessories
• GSM dialler, allows the stove to be switched on and off remotely using a mobile phone
• Kit for left-side smoke output


Technical data min/max
width cm 100
depth cm 43
height cm 122
useful output kW 6,4/20
useful output to the water kW 3,7/15
efficiency % 91,3
fuel consumption kg/h 1,4/4,6
tank capacity kg 30
autonomy h 6/19
water content l 18
Ø combustion product outlet cm 8
Ø external air intake cm 4
total weight kg 308
vol. that can be heated (depending on the type of system) 520