Vyda Air Tight

14 kW

Air Tight pellet stove

Vyda Air Tight

The real air tight pellet stove. Suitable for modern passive houses. Sliding top for feeding pellet. Cast iron combustion chamber.
NIGHT function, RELAX function (Deactivatable hot air ventilation)
Remote control with “e-paper”, low consumption technology.

• smoke outlet Ø 8 cm rear,
• smoke outlet upper Ø 8/13 cm coaxial (VYDA Air Tight C)

Steel and upper ceramic insert in dark grey
Steel and upper ceramic insert in matt white
Steel and upper ceramic insert in soapstone

• Kit Wi-Fi
• GSM, allows for switching the stove on/off via mobile phone

Technical data min/max
width cm 55
depth cm 55
height cm 106
useful output kW 3/10
efficiency % 90,4
fuel consumption (pellet) kg/h 0,7/2,3
tank capacity kg 17
autonomy h 7/24
Ø combustion product outlet cm 8/13
Ø external air intake cm 4
total weight kg 160
vol. that can be heated 260

Air Tight pellet stove

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