Cristal 90

kW 18

Small fireplace in spite of the large dimensions of the fireplace opening, steel structure and interior firebox covering in ECOKERAM® ceramic material.
Model that allows to obtain a large view of the flame, suitable for heating several rooms and guarantee a balanced thermal gradient. Glass clean even after several days use, low consumption and high efficiency.
The hot air can circulate due to natural convection of forced ventilation, by means of the kits prepared for ducting the air into adjacent with four flexible pipes.
Technical data min/max
width cm 112
depth cm 65
height cm 168
fireplace mouth measurement (W x D x H) cm 82x34x72
useful heat output kW 20,1
efficiency % 82,6
fuel consumption (wood) kg/h 5,3
Ø combustion product outlet cm 25
Ø external air intake cm 12,5
total weight kg 368
vol. that can be heated (insul. env. by Law 10/91) 525


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