Pellet burning boilers

Experta P 27


• Steel and refractory combustion chamber and cast iron burner
• ceramic ignitor
• Brushless auger motor
• Smoke outlet Ø 10 cm rear or lateral
• Rear hydrauilic connections
• Display frontal
• Daily/weekly program
• Systems display settings, with terminal board for external probes
• Closed expansion tank
• Turbulators, burner and ash compatcor automatic cleaning
• Tank 75 kg/120 L
System The Mind with integrated wi-fi
System Leonardo

Class 5 according to the standards: EN 303-5

• LTE ADVANCED 4G telephone dialer
• Anti-condensation valve
• Wireless thermostat kit
• Tanks, screw feeders, kits to increase capacity
• Boilers, Puffers and accessories
• Pressure gauge kit to be installed on system water pressure display kits
• Upper hydraulic connections kit
• Room probe NTC

Technical data min/max
width cm 65,5
depth cm 81
height cm 136,5
heat output kW 27
useful output to the water kW 24,5
efficiency % 92
fuel consumption kg/h 1,7/5,6
tank capacity kg 75
autonomy h 13/44
water content l 70
Ø combustion product outlet cm 10
Ø external air intake cm 6
total weight kg 250
vol. that can be heated (depending on the type of system) 708

Pellet burning boilers

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