Rada Air Tight C

12 kW

Air Tight pellet stove

Rada Air Tight C

Suitable for passive houses.

Sliding top for feeding pellet.

• cast iron combustion chamber
• smoke outlet upper Ø 8/13 cm coaxial,female
• NIGHT function
• RELAX function (Deactivatable hot air ventilation)
• 1 rear hot air duct, Ø 6 cm
• Remote control
• Sistema Leonardo

Steel and upper insert in:
• Matt white ceramic
• Black ceramic

• Kit Wi-Fi
• GSM telephone switcher
• Kit for ducting
• Can be combined with ducting vents

* Certification in progress

Technical data min/max
width cm 55
depth cm 55
height cm 112,5
useful output kW 12
efficiency % 90
fuel consumption (pellet) kg/h 2,8
tank capacity kg 24
autonomy h 8
Ø combustion product outlet cm 8/13
Ø external air intake cm 4
total weight kg 160
vol. that can be heated 310
* Projektdaten

Air Tight pellet stove

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