Pellet thermo fireplace


Small pellet-burning fireplace that is able to heat water to power heating systems (radiators, heated towel rails, underfloor heating panels).

Leonardo System for automatic pellet combustion control
• Steel hearth
• Front access for easy maintenance and adjustment
• Handy pellet drawer placed in a convenient location: allows you to load pellets even while the fireplace is on, without using step ladders or stools
• Viewable synoptic panel, automatic ignition and shut-down with weekly programming
• Set for management via telephone
• 30 kg hopper with autonomy up to approximately 30 hours, also with night-time operation
• Support for easy installation
• Remote control for remote management of various features
• Hydraulic connections on the base for maximum simplicity and speed of installation

• Kit Wi-Fi

• GSM, allows for switching the stove on/off via mobile phone

Technical data min/max
width cm 72
depth cm 56
height cm 107/118
useful output kW 4,5/15,6
useful output to the water kW 3,1/12,6
efficiency % 92,1
fuel consumption kg/h 1/3,5
tank capacity kg 30
autonomy h 9/30
water content l 15
Ø combustion product outlet cm 8
Ø external air intake cm 4
total weight kg 201
vol. that can be heated (depending on the type of system) 405

Pellet thermo fireplace

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