Pellets are made from sawdust. It is pressed by relevant machines into small cylinders that can have different lengths 1.5-2 cm and 6 mm diameter. The compactness gives this type of fuel high calorific value features (p.c.i. 4.000-4.500 kcal/kg).

The pellets are distinguished by low humidity (lower than 12 %) and for their high density as well as material regularity. The criterion for production is the use of virgin wood, which is not treated i.e. with corrosives, glues or paints, therefore an ecological product.

It is a great amenity for use as it allows combustion autonomy even for several days. The autonomy is monitored electronically by a latest generation synoptic panel that adjusts normal functioning, differing it for the different time periods during the day and on the different days of the week, according to requirements.

This is a solution that guarantees heating management that is really practical and comfortable; come home to find immediate well-being and a welcoming environment.