Pellet insert

Pellkamin 10 Evo Plus

Pellet inserts ideal to recover old open fireplaces or create new, automatic and programmable ones.
• cast iron combustion chamber
• ceramic ignitor
• cold hand with fixing option
• smoke outlet Ø 8 cm upper, male -1 ductable Ø 6 cm hot air outlet, in which the fan can be oriented towards the back to make it ductable
• Frontal air outlet with screen-printed glass insert
• for pellet loading see Pellkamin 8 Evo
• Daily/weekly program
• Easy Timer function
• Emergency panel placed frontally at the bottom under the door
• Pellet level sensor
• "Mind remote” remote control
system The Mind with integrated wi-fi
system Leonardo

• LTE ADVANCED 4G telephone dialer
• Rack for installation as a closed combustion chamber
• Front loading tray kit
• Hatch loading kit with chute
• Can be combined with ducting vents SPLIT, BENT, ORIGAMI, SHARP
• Room probe

Technical data min/max
width cm 76
depth cm 49
height cm 52
useful output kW 3,5/10,5
efficiency % 89,1
fuel consumption (pellet) kg/h 0,8/2,5
tank capacity kg 11
autonomy h 4/14
Ø combustion product outlet cm 8
Ø external air intake cm 4
total weight kg 147
vol. that can be heated 275

Pellet insert

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