The perfect installation of the Edilkamin fireplace heating systems is guaranteed by a complete series of dedicated accessories:

Pre-assembled kits (optional)

Complete with all components able to guarantee perfect functioning. To be connected to the fireplace or thermo-stove by simply connecting the hydraulic system pipes. Dimensions 50(L) x 12(P) x 50(H)

Kit 1 fireplace heating system as the only source of heat, with production of domestic hot water

Kit 2 fireplace heating system coupled with gas boiler, without production of domestic hot water

kit components

A) domestic hot water 20 plate heat exchanger Kit 1-3

A1) heating system 30 plate water heat exchanger Kit 2-3

B) heat discharge valve Kit 1-2-3

C) over-pressure valve Kit 1-2-3

D) three-way valve Kit 1-3

E) circulation pump Kit 1-2-3

F) flow switch Kit 1-3

G) copper fittings Kit 1-2-3

1) electronic regulator with probe Kit 1-2-3

2) plate Kit 1-2-3

KIT without box

The kit can be positioned inside the covering (with suitable inspection door) or in an adjacent room.

KIT with box

The kit can be inserted inside an appropriate box (optional) recessed in the wall at the side